Monday, January 11, 2010

Installing a new Windows 98 system.

As I'm going to be installing windows 98 again in the next 24 hours, I thought it would be a nice time to post a list of software that should added to a fresh install.

Autopatcher 98
First thing to be installing after a fresh install of windows 98.
Autopatcher 98 is similar to it's XP counterpart - It will install and/all updates (both official and unofficial), all in one large chunk.

Simply select the options, hit start, and wait. Autopatcher will automatically reboot as many times as required, and even give you a report (including the time taken) about what it's done.

Download here

KernelEx is a application compatibility layer for Windows 98. It allows programs to run which otherwise wouldn't, by extending certain windows DLL files.

To put it simply, KernelEx allows XP programs to run on 98.

Download here
Support here

R2 System Lock
The default Windows 98 security options are really quite poor. Adding a logon password can be completely avoided simply by pressing cancel.

R2 Studio's System Lock provides a better way of locking your computer, and brings it to XP standard.

Download here

Optional Software
Revolutions Pack 9
A complete UI overhaul, RP9 allows for (real) themes, additional features within Windows Explorer, and a new Task Manager.

Support here
Download here

I may add more software to this list at a later point.

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