Friday, February 12, 2010

Send in your screenshots!

I'm going to be holding a competition, and as part of it, I want screenshots of your computer. Whatever Operation System, and whatever skin/theme. (If your Ubuntu computer has an epic skin, I'll accept it.)

To submit your computer, I need three images - One of just the desktop, one with the Start Menu (Or equivalent), and One with Firefox running. Brownie points* for showing a Windows 98 related website.

Example images:

I also want the following information (So I can post the information the end):
  • Your name (or chosen pseudonym)
  • A website or twitter feed (optional)
  • Your Operating System, and chosen skinning tool - And Skin name itself if you have it.

Send the images, and above details to yeoldesteve+98[you know the symbol]

*Brownie Points are non-refundable, non-transferable, and at the moment, only redeemable with requests for tutorials on a specific piece of software. I reserve all rights to revoke unlawfully used brownie points, and all that other legal stuff that doesn't really matter.